Friday, March 4, 2011

Wednesday's Ride for Reading Book Delivery...

Wednesday afternoon's book delivery went great!  The Ride for Reading crew met up at Two Rivers Park Greenway parking area to load up the books.  Mathew Portell, Ride For Reading's head-honcho, arrived on the organization's new Trek Transporter.  I have to say, this is an awesome bike!  It's a lot like the Surly Big Dummy.  As much as I like the Big Dummy and hate Trek, this bike is lighter but appears to be better built.  There are a lot of neat little features on the bike that just don't come with a stock big dummy.  And lastly, the price of the Trek Transporter is only $1300 in comparison to the Big Dummy's $2500 price tag.  This will definitely be a bike to keep my eyes on once my wife and I move from an apartment and into a house where we can store the thing.

The book delivery consisted of about 21 riders and we made the 8 mile ride mostly on the greenway over to Bailey Middle School.  At the school, the children were all outside waiting.  As we rolled up, their excitement filled the air and was even taken to the next level by a group of trials riders who did a stunt demo for the kids.  We ended up delivering over 600 books to the kids at Bailey Middle School.  This is a really inspiring opportunity to be a part of and I look forward to the many other deliveries in the future!

As for my life, I'm not going to Georgia for the Snake Creek Gap this weekend nor will I be making the trip to Macon.  Instead, I'm going to use my Spring Break to visit my family in Knoxville.  I will of course be taking the bikes and get some riding done!  I'll try to keep the blog updated during this excursion but no guarantees.  Oh, one more thing!  A poll was taken on my Facebook page and it was agreed upon for me to go ahead and shave the legs.  Well, the legs are now silky smooth!

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