Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bicycle Rights!

Yeah, we can watch videos like this all day long and laugh.  As far fetched as this video is, there is some truth to it.  Yesterday, I had a run in with a car on my commute home.  No crash or anything but just a really close call.  I was being predictable and riding in my lane when a car failed to see me and ran a stop sign.  I swerved to avoid the collision and then the vehicle honked at me like it was my fault!  The sad thing is, this happens to me nearly everyday!  You could call this a rant because I really don't have a followup to it.  If you're not a cyclist, just try to remain mindful of us two-wheelers out there.  If you are a cyclist, I hope you know better!

And on to other news.  I made the announcement yesterday that the goateous chin beard is gone!  Yep, I decided I'm in for a change.  You know, I'm running for office now.  I gotta look good!  Over the weekend, I bought a new suit, shined the shoes and shaved the chin.  In fact, as much as I embrace the whole dirt bag jeans and t-shirt look, I kinda like being all spiffy looking!

Hey, what?!


And I'm going to include yet another Portlandia video because it pertains to my shaving the chin beard thing.  For all you hipsters (DicKy), you can keep your chin beards, cause chin beards are OVER!

And don't forget about this weekend's race, Hell of the South!  Weather looks pretty crappy all week but looks perfect for the weekend!  I'm feeling pretty stoked!

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