Friday, March 25, 2011


How is it that I can write pages of material for this blog but when it comes to writing a paper for school, I get writer's block?!  I've got a paper due this morning that is about defining "Bicycling".  The requirement is four pages.  I ended up getting the requirement but I'd say three of those pages are actually worth reading. 

On another note, I attended the local Murfreesboro Bicycle Club road ride last night.  When I arrived, I was freezing!  I think Mother Mom went on vacation and left the fridge open.  This gave me the opportunity to test out my new cycling vest.  It worked great!  We had a nice sized group for it being early in the season.  Most of the hammer heads stayed home last night.  It must have been the temps (shaved legs don't insulate as well).  Mark B brought out the tandem.  He and Janet F saddled up and set a good pace to start out to.  It felt great riding behind a tandem for several miles.  At the first hill, I was feeling geared up and I took off.  My buddy Reid held on to my wheel till the next intersection.  I then started to crank it out a little harder.  At the mid way point, I was averaging 23.5 mph.  After that, the route opened up through corn and cotton fields.  The headwind was ridiculous!  When out in these fields, there is nowhere to hide.  Anyhow, I finished the ride off the front and away from the group with a 22.6mph average over 25 miles.  This was an awesome route with a few fun hills and some beautiful scenery.  In the coming months, the routes will get longer as the days get longer.
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