Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not Bi-Polar but Bi-Winning...

Southern Cross is now days behind me and I still can't get over how much fun that race was!  Earlier today, I noticed that the American UltraCross Championship Series has posted the dates and registration for most of their events this year.  I'm definitely hoping to get in on this series.  Right now, it's just planning the traveling logistics to the two races in WV and PA.  There is a possibility we can get a crew together from the Harpeth Bicycles Team to go up and race.  Speaking of Harpeth Bicycles Team, I stopped by the shop last night to pay a visit.  This is a stellar establishment!  Jonathan Woody and his crew really know how to treat their customers with class and they sell some of the best bikes around.  They are now a dealer for a really rad brand that has just popped up, Cysco (Yes, like the Thong Song dude).  I'm really impressed by the craftsmanship of this builder.  Another plus is that they are made out of Chattanooga, TN!  It's great to see that Tennessee is becoming so well represented in the bicycle industry! And since we're approaching Spring Break this next week, I'll give you all a little video and music into that whole "Spring Break" theme (Sorry, mom).

Also on the top of the news front: Charlie Sheen is the man!  I have been pretty resistant of watching all these new videos that have been released this week until today.  The shit that comes out of that dude's mouth is nothing short of epic!  In fact, I have taken on a new motto for my life: "I'm Bi-winning!  I win here, I win there!"  If I just said this before every race, then I'm sure I could beat Dicky and Brickhouse (That would be bi-winning).

I need to rip a copy of this for my ipod and set it on repeat for the next race!

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  1. I too have resisted the videos. Until now. Shit, awesome...just so awesome.