Monday, March 28, 2011

No Bike Weekend...

I got home from class pretty early on Friday and called the wife just to check in. As soon as she answered the phone, she told me we were heading to Memphis. Apparently, her best friend was going into labor. So I grabbed the suitcase and got a few changes of close packed and patiently waited for my wife to get home from work. On the way to Memphis, I started seeing all these dirt roads that paralleled the interstate. From Dickson County till the Tennessee River, most of these dirt roads were pretty rolling. Of course, I'm driving on the interstate and the only thing I can think of is new places to check out on the bike. I'm definitely going to have to make the trip to this area to do a little exploring on the CX bike.

Anyhow, we made it to Memphis. Our friend had a beautiful baby boy. I'm not much of a baby person but this trip was a little different. I really enjoyed seeing their baby and sharing this experience with them. However, I still think my wife and I are pretty convinced that we aren't having kids anytime soon. Since the majority of our friends are having their first children and I have two nieces, I think there are plenty of kids that we can spoil and return to their parents.

Cute kid
 While in Memphis, unfortunately we didn't get to go sight seeing or check out any good BBQ joints. Instead, I had a killer fried catfish and hushpuppies plate at the hospital cafeteria and found some BBQ ribs flavored potato chips!! Score!! You can't visit Memphis and not leave feeling the least bit unhealthy!

We made it back to the Boro late Saturday and did a little bumming around town. The weather was pretty shitty all weekend and I really didn't feel like getting out in it. Most of Sunday was spent in the kitchen. One of my other hobbies that I haven't been able to practice lately is cooking. After spending some time searching for new recipes, I started working on a homemade Red Beans and Rice dish. It took nearly 4 hours to cook but turned out awesome!! There was enough made to last us several days as well!

I'm sorry if you came to the blog today to read about a race or one of my rides. Needless to say, I just didn't get out. Sometimes its nice to sit back and relax. No rhyme or reason to the weekend, just good friends, good fun and good food. Maybe I'll get into something a little more interesting later this week and can post up on it. Next weekend is the Hell of the South race. As long as the weather holds out, I'm planning on being there!  Oh yeah, the goateous chin beard is now gone.  That's right.  Shaved off!

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