Friday, July 29, 2011

My Life Is Better Than Your Vacation...

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I kind of stole the title of today's blog post from another blog post I saw this morning on They had a picture of a sticker that read the same phrase. I thought it was catchy and meaningful to what's going on in my life right now. I mean, how many people have the ability to say their life is as cool as everyone else's vacation?

These past few weeks have been pretty good. This summer has really been a huge transition for me. I'm almost through with my divorce and still trying to get my life on track. I've made up my mind that I'm going to continue to pursue my dreams and build on my ambitions. This has been the hardest thing to face. Life is so easy to just settle for things sometimes. I'm done settling. This is my life and I'm only getting one of them. So, I figure I'll live it to the fullest and whoever wants to join me is welcome.

Over this last weekend, I was offered an awesome opportunity. My old boss at a bike shop I used to work at in Georgia had called me up and offered me a job to help him run his shop. I was really torn about making the decision. You see, I'm in a really cool location right now. I've got the mountains, rivers and lakes right in my back yard. Not to mention, I've got some of the coolest friends anyone could ever ask for. I've dreamed about moving back here to East Tennessee for so long and now that I'm finally here, how can I leave. So I had these two options weighing down on me. I kind of got depressed about having to make the decision. So, I took the kayak out to the lake and paddled around for a couple of hours. While on the lake I was looking around at the hills and back in the coves. I then realized how much this area means to me. This is not only where I'm from but also where my family, going back many generations, is from. This is home. I love it here. Even though this opportunity in Georgia was exactly what I wanted in a job, I couldn't grasp leaving my roots yet again. So I decided to respectfully decline the offer.

So this goes back to what I was saying about my life being better than your vacation. Truthfully, it really is. I live in the place that you probably want to go for your vacation. I wake up everyday and have a full view of the Great Smoky Mountains. I work in one of the best bike shops around. I swim in the best swimming holes on earth. And I have some of the greatest friends to share all of this with!

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