Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Delivery...

Spring break is coming up pretty fast!  Right now I'm planning to make a trip back down to Georgia for the last Snake Creek Gap race and then spend the rest of the week in Macon kickin' it with some old friends.  I still don't really have a place lined up to stay and may actually camp out on the river just North of town.  Talk to my buddy Lou at the bike shop and plans are in the works for his momma to cook up some good Southern Soul Food for me while I'm in town.  This is some of the best cooking around.  But for now, I've got to buckle down and make it through these last few days of class.  I've got two more papers to write and I'll be good to go.  I just can't get my mind focused this week on anything but bikes.

After class today, I'll be heading up to Nashville for the Ride For Reading Book Delivery to Bailey Middle School.  These deliveries are an amazing experience.  We meet at a common location, load our bike trailers, panniers or bags up with books and ride out to the school to deliver them to the students.  You should see these kid's faces when we ride up.  They are so full of excitement about seeing all the neat bikes and getting a free book!  It's truly inspiring!  The Ride for Reading organization helps these children by promoting literacy, but it also helps us cyclists.  When these kids see us pulling up on a bike, they'll remember that we (cyclist) did something cool for them.  When they're riding in the car with their parents, they are more likely to speak up in protection of us (cyclist) while their parents are driving.  One day, when they start driving too, hopefully they'll still remember us and keep on the look out.  And just maybe, one of these kids will join the ranks of our awesome cycling community for themselves!  I am really passionate about Ride for Reading and where the organization is going.  If you want to get involved, please visit the website to inquire about more information. 

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