Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Times and Great News...

My body is finally starting to relax from Southern Cross and just in time to throw it through the ringer again this coming weekend at the last Snake Creek Gap Time Trial in Dalton, GA.  All day yesterday, I was wishing to be back in the North Georgia mountains riding.  Southern Cross really spoiled me on that.  Eddie and Namrita (55nine) did such a great job laying out the course with 50+ miles of gravel roads and 6,400 feet of total climbing (and descending)!  I was also really impressed with the turnout.  200 people registered and it looked as though there were that many folks hanging around.  Regardless to say, it's no easy feat to be able to organize a race of that size.  It is my understanding that next year, the race will be part of the American Ultracross Championship Series.  I'm hoping to make this series part of my race calendar and hit each race.

Myself and Dicky at the Southern Cross awards.Photo cred to Brickhouse

Onto other news.  Over the weekend, I got invited to join up with the guys at Harpeth Bicycles on their race team.  I had originally committed to racing with Ride For Reading this year but the Harpeth Team is taking hold of the reigns somewhat in an effort to help draw attention to Ride For Reading through a dedicated race team.  The Harpeth Team consists of some really great racers in the area and the team is supported by an amazing shop!  After talking things over with the wife, I made the commitment last night.  So, for the 2011 season, I will be racing for Harpeth Bicycles Race Team.  We've got a training camp coming up in a few weeks which will give me a great opportunity to meet several of the guys and ride the North Georgia mountains again.  I'm really looking forward to this opportunity and couldn't be more excited about the future right now.  Not to mention that the Harpeth Team is sponsored by Yazoo Beer and everywhere the team goes, there will be beer! 

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