Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rule #9...The Dude Abides...

Yesterday we discussed how I hate the weather we've been having.  Rain, rain, rain.  Despite the rain, I made it out for a ride.  I rode to and from campus in this shitty weather.  The ride into campus wasn't too bad.  It was raining the entire trip.  Many cars passed and would slow down to stare as they passed.  It was as though I was some kind of circus animal.  Well, scratch that last comment.  If I'm out there riding in this weather, I probably am a circus animal.  When it rains, sometimes people actually turn into to kind souls.  Two people stopped and asked if I needed a ride.  I kindly declined as I had a goal to abide by Rule #9.  As I hopped onto the greenway, I pass the local golf course and saw several golfers out.  I figured, if these dudes can golf in the rain, I certainly can ride a bike in the rain.  The only difference was I didn't have a beer in hand.

Proof of the rain ride
Local golf course during the rain
Hell of the South is slowly approaching.  I still haven't done enough to train for this race.  I was talking it over with a buddy of mine yesterday and came up with the excuse that any races I do right now are just for shits and giggles.  My focus is cyclocross.  Until CX season starts, everything else is just to maintain some kind of fitness.  Regardless, I need to get back on it so I don't get dropped.

With all the time on my hands yesterday, I did some change ups to a few of my bikes.  Pretty much, I just switched out some wheels and handlebars on two of my singlespeeds.  One of the bikes has some mustache bars and I'm still not completely convinced that I like the mustache bars.  This bike is used mostly around town and when I'm wearing a backpack, riding with Burt Reynolds bars just doesn't quite feel right.  I'll give it a few more rides and make the decision later.
Added a freewheel, mustache bars and brakes to what was the fixed gear bike
Not much else going on.  I mean, the blog is called the "Uneventful Life of Jimmy Deane".  If you want to read something with merit, read Dicky's blog.

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  1. Hey bro, just stumbled upon your blog looking up "The Dude Abides" through Google images search. Where did you find that pic above, with ABIDE underneath The Dude ? If you can , please hit me back @ . Thanks bro and live strong, live wrong or with help from the bong ... DaDoodAbydz