Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Been Way Way Way Too Long

I know it's been a week since any activity has taken place on the blog.  I've had things to do.  Unlike many of my other blog friends, I got a...Well, actually, I don't have a job either.  So what's my excuse?  Truthfully, I don't have one.  The past week, I've been getting back into the groove of school.  I don't understand why the University put Spring Break the week before the time change.  That meant we all had to get up an hour earlier than what we had been used to in order to make it to class on time.  That issue, paired with all this beautiful weather, made it pretty tough to stay focused in class.  Luckily, none of my professors scheduled any tests during the first week back. 

Last week was full of many new adventures and activities.  While on Spring Break, I made the decision to take my political involvement one step further.  I try to keep politics out of this blog simply because a lot of my bike friends have some pretty diverse opinions.  Therefore, I'll try to keep it brief.  I've been active in the Democratic Party for several years now.  I have worked on various campaigns from the local to the national level.  Currently, the Tennessee Democratic Party is approaching the "Reorganization" process in which the local county parties select their officers.  This year, I have decided to run for Chairman of the Rutherford County Democratic Party.  We have had some great leaders in our county party.  I want to embrace a lot of what has worked previously and also look towards some new ideas to progress our party.  So, April 9th, I will stand before my county party as a nominee for the position. 
My politickin' outfit
Now back to the bike stuff.  Last week was pretty uneventful on the bike.  Most of my miles consisted of commuting.  Friday, I did get in a nice road ride with a friend.  I also got my new Harpeth Bicycles Team kit last week.  It felt great on Friday's ride.  Considering I've put on a few pounds over the winter, the new kit looks quite slimming!  As for races, I think I'll be racing this weekend in Columbia, Tennessee at the Chickasaw Trace Classic Mountain Bike Race.  Considering I haven't been on the mountain bike since January, I'm not sure how I'll do.  Also, I haven't raced against any of the locals yet since I've moved up to Tennessee.  We'll see how it goes.

Rockin' the new kit
As for the blog, I'll update it periodically.  Things are getting a little busier now that the weather is getting nicer and I can get out and ride.  I'll try to keep y'all posted with at least some pictures.

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