Friday, May 27, 2011

One "Hail" of a Storm...

Yesterday, I went back to work after several days off.  It's kind of weird to have a job that you look forward to going to after being off for a few days.  I really can't stress enough about how happy I am to be working in a bike shop again.  I hope to get back into doing some basic repairs soon.  As of right now, I'm mostly doing sales.  Our small community has a really cool group of cyclists and customer base.  After being in town for a few weeks now, I'm finally starting to get to know a lot of the cyclists.

Along my commute to work
While working at the shop yesterday, the clouds outside turned pretty dark.  This was kind of concerning as I rode my bike into work.  Those dark clouds started spitting out marble sized balls of hail.  The hail came down for a solid 10-15 minutes.  Unfortunately, the owner of our shop had just bought a new car.  Many of the cars in the lot were damaged.  The hail just piled up outside of the doorway of the shop and floated off in the massive amount of water that rained down with it.  In some ways, I was actually happy that I didn't drive in.  Luckily, there wasn't in hail at my house where my truck is parked.

As for the commute home, it was pretty nasty.  It rained on and off the entire way.  I stayed pretty dry from the waist up thanks to my rain jacket.  The night before, when I was working on my bikes, I decided to take off the fenders on my Surly Cross Check.  They look nice but riding with metal fenders is just not my thing.  They rattle just a little bit and I prefer to ride without any fenders or get some kind of composite ones.  However, I do wish I wouldn't have taken off the fenders until I had some replacements.  Oh well...

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