Monday, May 23, 2011

Awesome Weekend...

I had a pretty awesome weekend! Worked on Saturday at the bike shop and was off on Sunday. You know, working at a bike shop doesn't feel much like working. Yeah, sweeping the floors and cleaning bathrooms sucks but when I'm actually doing bike stuff, it's a blast!

With work going great, I've also been trying to acclimate to having a good time outside of work as well. I decided on Saturday morning to ride into work on the bike. I haven't been riding much lately and it really felt good to be back on the bike. I do feel like I've lost a bit of fitness over the last month. A lot of riding is in the plans for the next month as we approach the Cysco 6 Hour Race in Chattanooga. I've already referenced the biking in this town a few times on the blog but I can't say enough about how cool this area is for cycling. There isn't any mountain biking in the near vicinity but road riding is at its best around here. I haven't had any problems commuting either. For the most part, I can get to town via a connection of several greenway trails.

One of the few road sections along my commute to work.

On another good note, I've added a bike to my stable! Actually, I got rid of one in order to add another. Do you all remember that 1990 Proflex frame with the Girvin fork that I picked up a few months back? Well, I got tired of looking at that bike and thinking about fixing it up. I decided to offer it on trade plus a little cash to one of the other guys at the shop. In return, I got a Van Dessel "Straight Up". The bike has been turned into a fixed gear. I think originally, the bike was intended to be a single speed townie bike. However, I've got plans to turn this stout frame into a freestyle fixie/polo bike. First off, there are several changes that need to take place with its current existence. One of which is to remove the dreadful handlebars that came on it. They are too narrow and shaped like mustache bars. They are in no way comfortable! I've got some neon green risers and a matching saddle that I found last night in the parts bin that I will throw on the bike. Also in the works is changing out the wheels with a set of black Deep V's. I should have this bad boy up and running nicely in the next few days. I'll post more pictures when done but for now, this will have to do.

On a final note, I want to mention this whole Lance doping issue.  For all of you that think he didn't dope, you're in denial.  Nearly all these guys have doped at some point in their career.  Doping was either used to boost their riding abilities in order to get noticed by the pro teams or they used it for that last little boost to get the win at the pro level.  It is a simple fact.  Is it right?  Hell no!  Our sport is being dragged through the mud by all this shit.  The testimony of Landis and Hamilton are pretty shady to say the least.  However, Lance's old friend, George Hincapie, testified to a federal grand jury that Lance doped.  The friendship that those two have is one at which I don't think Hincapie would make this shit up if it wasn't true.  Hincapie even divulged that he also was one of the dopers in the past.  Lance can deny these allegations all he wants.  But that doesn't mean he didn't dope.  Lance has a huge enterprise at Livestrong to protect.  If he comes out and admits to doping, his charity would be doomed.  The guy has a lot on his shoulders.  There is no justification for any of these athletes' actions but there is a respectful way to handle them.  Landis and Hamilton may only be in it for the book deals.  But Hincapie seems to have handled himself in a respectful manner regarding the issue.  Time to move on.

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  1. 60 minutes and their unethical "reporting" reported that Hincapi testified that lance doped. If I've read the reports correctly Hincapi has been quoted as sayiong he doesnt know where 60 minutes got that information from.No where have I read ,other than 60 minutes, that Hincapi has accused lance of doping. People need to stop forming opinions about others when everything that being reported is nothing more than "hear-say" at this point. The media is dangerous and it seems these days they get more satisfaction out of tearing people down than they do in reporting actual facts..