Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day Off...

Yesterday, I was off from work.  For my day off, I decided to hit up the local group ride from the bike shop (Cycology).  Around 10:30am, we rolled out.  There was a group of about 15-20 that eventually broke into two groups.  During the first 8 miles, I felt pretty solid.  I felt so good that I thought I would try to ramp up the speed a little bit.  My ignorance got the best of me and I hit the wall for a second.  I tucked into the back of the group and hung out back there for a little while.  After another 5 miles, I was starting to recover.  From that point on, the ride became a ton of fun.  I couldn't have rode in a more beautiful place and with such a great group.

Our group during yesterday's ride
That brings me to my next point.  I'm really glad to be back in East Tennessee.  I lived here for nearly 19 years of my life before moving away.  I always had an appreciation for this town.  However, after being gone for six years, I realize what I was missing.  For such a small town, there is so much here to offer.  The mountains are great.  We've got rivers and lakes to swim in.  The towns are pretty safe and clean.  Yeah, you've got some rednecks out in the country but that's anywhere you go.  Besides, they add to the color of the area.  I hate the circumstances that brought me back home.  I still don't know how to understand the situation I'm going through with my marriage.  But being in the place that I am really helps.

Last night, pulled out the work stand and started working on a couple of my bikes.  It seems as though I have neglected the upkeep on my bikes lately.  As I got into working on the bikes, I realized that I was missing something.  I ran down the street to the store and picked up a six pack of beer.  When I got back, I turned on the music, drank my beer and started back to working on my bikes.  The evening turned out to be pretty nice.  The weather was warm and the beer was cold.  I got a couple of my bikes back in good shape as well!

Life is getting better.  There's a lot left to look forward to in my life.  I just gotta keep saying that and look to the future.  Things could be a lot worse but they aren't.  Now it's time for me to get up and head out for a bike ride (my therapy)!  Y'all have a good one!

This song was done by a local guy, Jay Clark.

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