Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Off Part Two...

Yesterday was yet another awesome day!  I got up pretty early yesterday and made it out to the bike shop to meet with some friends for an early morning road ride.  We all ended up splitting up part way through the ride due to different time constraints but we all got in a nice ride through an awesome area.  I did get a chance to finish the ride out with an old friend who just got a road bike.  I really enjoy getting to ride with folks who are just starting out in cycling.  Their excitement is inspiring.  My buddy rode really well for such a long first ride!

Little River along our road ride route

Looking back at where we came from
Later in the day I met up with my mom for an awesome lunch at El Sazon Mexican Restaurant.  After a long ride, Mexican food really hit the spot.  Since I've been home, I really haven't spent much time with my family.  Taking the afternoon to hang out with my mom was really nice.  She's an amazing person and has been one of my biggest influences throughout my life.

The new fixed gear is pretty much setup now.  The only thing left to change is the pedals and straps.  I'm waiting on those to come in as we speak.  The bike has turned out pretty cool.  Yeah, it's got a lot of neon colors and what not but I think it's a fun bike.  I played around on it yesterday by jumping off a few stairs and inclines around the house.  The bike feels pretty substantial enough to handle some abuse.  I also plan on using this bike to play bike polo with.  There is a polo match in Knoxville tomorrow night that I may try to make it out to.  I haven't played in several weeks and I'm having a jonesin' for it. 

The new freestyle fixie build
Anyway, enough chit and chat.  I'm running late for getting started on my commute.  Looks like thunderstorms are in the forecast.  This should be a fun day on the bike!

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