Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unfortunately Uneventful...

Not much has really happened the past few days.  The temps have finally caught up with the season.  Seems like a lot of my riding is about to be limited to commuter miles or hitting the trainer.  One thing is, I finally got my truck fixed.  The damned thing has been sitting in the best parking space of my apartment for the last four months while being broke down.  I think my neighbors have gotten a bit annoyed.  Anyhow, I decided to finally get it fixed as I've been wanting to ride the mountain bike lately.  Unfortunately, all the trails are at least a 30 mile drive from my place.  Looks like I will be meeting up with Dan on Tuesday for a trash talk ride at Lock 4 in Gallatin.  Of course, this ride will involve a lot of alcohol and a lot of trash talking.  Should be a fun day!

One good thing about cold or wet weather is that I tend to work on my bikes a lot more.  This week I cleaned up my bike room and started prepping a frame that I am going to paint.  Afterward, I did a little tuneup on my commuter bike and re-packed the bearings on a wheelset.  Now, everything should be riding pretty smooth! 

Enough rambling about my uneventful life this week.  Get out and ride your bike or do something productive with your weekend!  Cheers!

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