Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Friday!

Some I'm feeling a bit obsessed about the new bike (All City "Nature Boy").  I've literally been glued to the computer trying to figure out what kind of upgrades I would like to make to the bike.  A buddy of mine has a brand new set of Vittoria XG Pro Cross tires that he is sending my way.  Those will make a lovely addition to the bike.  Other than that, I hope to have the Paul brakes installed before Christmas.
Photo Courtesy of Twin Six
 On another positive note, I received my Twin Six Deluxe Long Sleeve jersey.  This has been a long time coming to wait on this jersey.  You see, I ordered the jersey the day before Thanksgiving (November 24th for you folks across the pond).  I made the huge mistake of choosing FedEx Smartpost for my shipping option.  FedEx Smartpost is where FedEx initially handles the shipping of the package to one of their 20 distribution centers and then they hand it over to the USPS for the final delivery.  Well, I kept track of my package and noticed that the package had been sitting at the FedEx distribution center in Memphis from December 1st till December 10th!  I tried to notify FedEx of this issue and each person I spoke with told me I needed to be patient.  Once the USPS took possession of my package, it made it to my hometown pretty quickly but on Monday, I saw the package was listed as being on the truck for delivery.  When I saw my postman pull up, I went outside to get my package.  The postman said he didn't have the package.  This conversation occurred around 3:00pm CST.  I went back inside to check the tracking and saw the package was listed as being delivered at 12:18pm CST.  WTF?!?  I called the post office and no one was really willing to help.  I called FedEx and was literally told, "Maybe your package was abducted by aliens."  I'll tell you, I'm really getting sick and tired of the terrible customer service that FedEx offers!  I finally made another call back to the USPS the following morning and talked with a guy who promised he would actually look around the Post Office for my package.  7pm on Tuesday night, I got a call and it was from that nice guy at the Post Office.  He found my package!  Long story short, I'm happy.  Lesson of the story, don't ship FedEx Smartpost!

I took my new jersey out for a spin on the bike in the cold and rainy weather yesterday.  I was only wearing a base layer under it and it felt nice and toasty!  I opted out of wearing a rain jacket and the jersey did just fine on shedding the light drizzle.  Overall, I'm really pleased with the jersey and look forward to wearing this piece of cycling clothing throughout this winter season.

Now that it's Friday, that means the weekend starts tonight!  I've got a fun packed weekend.  Tomorrow night is the Roller Sprints at the Nashville Bicycle Lounge.  These events are always a blast!  Plus, anytime the Bike Lounge hosts a party, it's a party!  Also for the weekend, I'm still contemplating as to whether or not to race at Sewanee Cross on Sunday.  I'm hoping that my new bike is in by either today or tomorrow and I can get it together.  If so, I'll probably race on Sunday.  If not, we'll see.

Y'all enjoy your Friday!

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