Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Only Prescription Is More Cowbell...

We're just a few days away from the last race of the "Cross The Way" series.  This Saturday and Sunday, we'll be racing in the cold, mud, snow and/or rain at Lock 4 Park in Gallatin, TN.  The weather wizards are predicting nice and balmy highs of 51 degrees on Saturday and 35 degrees on Sunday.  However, the Sunday low is predicted to be 14 degrees!  Honestly, I hope it is the most miserable weather we could possibly have!  The first race was like racing in a dust bowl.  The second race was warm with a little bit of mud.  It's time for a brutal cx race!

With any great CX race, it really comes down to the fans.  You see, in "American" football you have guys with the cheese heads.  In baseball, it's the foam fingered fans.  Soccer, it's the guys with those obnoxious horns.  Now, in cyclocross, it's all about the cowbell!  So all my race fans listen up.  I want to see everyone out at the races on Saturday and Sunday.  Come out with a cooler full of beer and your cowbells.  I mean, we're in Tennessee.  It shouldn't be too hard to find a cowbell!

And in case you don't know how to play the cowbell, I've included a little self help video:

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