Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis The Season...

Tis the season to drink beer and eat holiday foods.  Unfortunately, I'm not riding the bike as much as I would like.  I have had a lack of motivation to do so for the last two days.  I'm not too concerned about the cold or snow.  It's just that I don't have anywhere that I really want to go.  So, I've been sitting at the house thinking about bikes.

Last weekend, I won a new bike at the finale of the Cross The Way CX Series.  A new All City Nature Boy should arrive in my bike room within the next few days.  This is a great bike but some of the components are a bit lacking for my personal preference.  I've been really wanting to have an uber-nice CX bike for sometime and now is my chance to have it!  My first upgrade is gonna be some Paul Components cantilever brakes.  I'm going to run the Neo Retros on the front and the Touring set on the rear.  It seems as though this would be the popular setup since the touring brakes on the rear hang closer to the wheel to help you avoid scrapping your leg during a dismount.  According to many opinions, these brakes are the bees knees bomb shiggity of CX brakes.

Photo Courtesy of Dustin Greer
As far as the other components, there really isn't much to upgrade on a single speed bike.  However, I've got a set of wheels that I've been wanting to put to use.  The front wheel has an older Campy Record hub laced to a Mavic Open Pro rim.  The rear wheel is a Shimano Dura Ace hub laced to another Mavic Open Pro rim.  Both wheels are laced 3 cross and have 32 spokes.  This should make for a bombproof CX wheel.  The next upgrade will probably be a new crankset.  I'm thinking of using something Campy just to add to the bling factor a bike.  I've never really had an Campy parts so I figured now would be a good bike to start.  I've got a black Thomson Seatpost and Stem that will go on the bike.  I'm still trying to figure out what saddle I want to use.  Of course, I'm going to make sure my colorways are in order.  You don't know what colorways are?  Well, you just need to watch the video below to get a little hipster education! 

So now that I've wasted your time to watch the video, I guess you still don't know what colorways are.  There will be more to come that will elude to the meaning of this.  Till then, I'm going back to eating my Cherry Cordial M&M's.

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