Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Me and Goodbye 2010...

Well, I didn't think I would have the time to post anything up on the blog today but I happened to wake up earlier than expected.

Today is my birthday.  I plan on spending it by doing a little road ride with the Murfreesboro Bicycle Club and then my parents should be in to town.  Probably hit dinner at the Loveless Cafe (best biscuits in the world) and maybe head out for a few drinks before retiring for the night.  I'm not really into going out for New Years anymore.  The drinks are overpriced, the bars are crowded with people who don't drink enough to control themselves and I have a case of beer and a bottle of whiskey at home that will do just fine for me!

Having my birthday on New Years Eve has always been pretty cool.  For one, I was a huge tax right off for my folks.  Also, growing up, I always thought everyone was throwing a birthday party for me all around the world!  Most importantly, having my birthday on New Years Eve has always given me an appreciation for the things that passed during that year.

I have many things to be thankful for as this year ends and I get to celebrate my 25th year on this planet.  I have met one of my biggest goals by dropping a lot of weight.  Over the last nine months, I have dropped nearly 70 pounds.  This has been a huge improvement to my riding ability and my overall health!  Also during this last year, I have finished first place in 8 races and I've been on the podium 10 times!  This is something I never thought I see!


Another awesome experience of 2010 was moving back to Tennessee.  My wife and I had been hoping that opportunity would come available for a long time and when it did, we were pleased.  Moving back to Tennessee has helped me to meet some really great people and start fresh.  My wife has been a huge support of everything I've done in the last year.  She has worked and given me the opportunity to take some time off before going back to school.  I cannot express enough about how much I love her!

Another privilege of the year was working with David LaRoche on his election bid to become a State Representative.  This opportunity gave me a lot of awesome experience working on campaigns.  But most of all, I got the opportunity to work with a really great guy who believes in our community and regardless of the outcome of this election, he will continue to help strengthen our community!

LaRoche Campaign Headquarters
So, there have been many great things about this last year.  Yes, I added three more bikes to my collection but that is not what is most important.  What is most important is the people I know.  With out them, I would not be as pleased as I am.  Today, I will go on my bike ride with friends.  Tonight I will go to dinner with my family.  At midnight, I will raise my glass to you all!  Thank you for such a great year and I look forward to our next!

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  1. You forgot to mention you were made an uncle again this year!!! Love you and happy birthday!!