Monday, November 15, 2010

Some great things in life must be avoided...

Saturday was the Cannonball Alley Cat and Roller Races in Nashville. I had planned to head up that way and make it to the roller races but a change of plans occurred. I ended up at a local honky-tonk bar (I will not explain this any further). From the looks of all the pictures and videos, a good time was had! Murfreesboro's own Tyler Walker won the roller races!

BikeLounge - RollerRaces-150.jpg
photo courtesy of Ryan Green

Sunday afternoon, I decided to head up to Nashville and check out the aftermath of the previous night. I swung by the Nashville Bicycle Lounge with my wife and we kicked it with the shop's owner, Dan Hensley, for a while. If you haven't been to the Nashville Bicycle Lounge, you should check it out. Such a great shop that is dedicated to the everyday cyclist. Dan is nothing but a great shop owner! His philosophy is to make the bike shop a place you would want to come to not only to buy a bike but to sit back and hang out. Every time I visit the shop, a few beers always seem to get consumed as well! From all the beer bottles present in the shop, I could tell the previous evening had been a night of drunkenness!

Dan will work for beer, wine or whiskey

All in all, I wish I had been able to make it to the race but maybe it was good that the world was spared from my roller wrath! Another race should be coming up soon and I am sure I will show my presence. For now, I'm focused on next weekend's cyclocross race. Next weekend's race is going to be brutal! I have ridden the course a few times and it is filled with tight turns, loose corners and plenty of roots, rocks and trees that can be hit if you don't watch yourself!  So, if you're in the mid-state area, swing by and ride or watch the race.

Kurt Page Farm
4395 Shores Road
Murfreesboro, TN

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