Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Red Bull Alleycat

Over the weekend, I decided to get back into racing alleycats.  I haven't raced in an alleycat since I was living in Georgia.  Since I've been in the 'Boro for several months, I have had a chance to learn the streets and some of the local dives. 

Several local riders decided to throw Murfreesboro's very first alleycat race!  With the help of Red Bull and a few local bike shops, some nice shwag was up for grabs!  Murfreesboro's finest rolled in on wheels brighter than a bag of Skittles and the Mashers wearing jeans that only your sister could appreciate.  Good times were had before the race, discussing the newest thrash metal bands and fastest routes from checkpoint to checkpoint.  Thanks goes out to MOAB bike shop for hosting all of us dysfunctional young adults!

As the clock struck 1pm, well, we were still waiting to start.  At 1:03pm, we were off to the first checkpoint!  The first checkpoint was only about a mile into the race and was located at the MTSU Quad.  After chugging a bottle of water (seriously?), the next stop was Smoopy's Vintage Bikes were we had to bob for Red Bull Energy Shots.  My mind was in the zone at this point!  Kenny Sharber and Charlie Rose were riding my ass the whole way.  I busted a move down Rutherford Blvd with a constant watch behind me to check out where Kenny was.
I was soon at Pro Cycling where we had to pick a pumpkin from the back of a pickup truck and carry it the finish.  You had to use duct tape to attach it to either your bike or your body.  This was complicated.  I tried to tape the pumpkin to my seat tube on my bike at first.  After trying to pedal for about a mile, I realized this was not going to work.  So, I stopped the bike and untapped the pumpkin.  I moved the pumpkin forward on the bike and re-tapped it to the head tube and top tube of the bike.  This worked out a lot better.  Now I was able to pedal without hitting the pumpkin.

This point in the race, my luck had run out on timing the traffic lights at the intersections.  Luckily traffic wasn't too bad and I was able to make it to the next check point in one piece!  This check point was at Roma Pizzeria where the task at hand was to ride your bike while trying to throw a broom through a hoola-hoop. 

As soon as I threw my broom, Kenny Sharber and Charlie Rose came flying into the parking lot.  I knew they were close behind me and I had to step it up to the last checkpoint.  I busted my ass down some side streets to make my way efficiently to the finish.  10 miles later, I was at Around The Way Dog and was done with the race.  Well, almost done.  The last challenge was to either take a shot of Bailey's and Lime juice or eat a hot wing with some seriously hot sauce.  Thankfully, I chose the "Rubber Cement" mixer.  It didn't taste very good but the affects were short lived in comparison to the hot sauce.  Charlie and Kenny arrived to the finish just moments after I did. 

All in all, it was a great event!  The race organizers did a great job getting everything ready!  After the race, we all stood around comparing our girl jeans and discussing the latest thrash metal bands.  What can I say?  Good times!

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