Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cross The Way #1 Race Video

Many of my friends have heard the non-stop discussion from me about Cyclocross.  This is what I live for this year!  I have spent a good part of the year getting ready to lay it all down at the races.  Last month was the first race of the Cross The Way Cyclocross Series.  I raced in both the Cat4's and SS class.  Thankfully, I took the victory in both races.  My finish in those races was my first actual "Sanctioned Race" victories I have had as of yet!  This next weekend is the 2nd race of the series and I'm looking forward to see what is ahead.  This week will include a lot more training and a strict diet.  We'll see what happens next Sunday!

Till then, I thought I'd share a video that was filmed by Harpeth Bicycle's own, Nathan Taylor.  There isn't really any good shots of me as I took the hole shot out the front at the beginning of the race.

Cross the Way CX4 Race #1 from Harpeth Bicycles on Vimeo.

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