Thursday, November 11, 2010

Four score and...Well, actually it was just seven years ago.

Seven years ago, I was just turning 18 and ready to hit the ground running.  Now, I'm almost 25 and here is the world around me.  So much has changed.  It seems just like yesterday but then again, it seems like a whole other life span of time. 

This week, I had to write a personal statement essay for MTSU's admissions office since my high school GPA was sub-par.  At first, I was ashamed of the task.  You know, I was that kid who goofed off in school and didn't pay attention.  I was the one who mocked those who took school seriously.  Now, I find myself ready to take things serious.

What do I say to the university's admissions board?  Do I bullshit everything and try to make it look like a Hemmingway novel?  Nope, I tell the truth and make it my own.  This is my first chance to defend myself not for who I was but who I am now.  Again, it has been seven years since I left high school.  Being ashamed of this essay was no more.  I am who I am.

These past seven years have been one hell of a trip!  I have hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, traveled around a bit, met one hot woman who eventually said yes to marrying me and now it's time for me to go back to school.  You see, if I would have gone straight to college after high school, I would have probably flunked out.  I wasn't focused on education then.  It was all about living for the day!  Boy am I glad to have taken the other path.  By doing so, I have got a chance to experience reality as an adult.  The experiences I have witnessed through my own life have opened my eyes to new ambitions and set a new foundation of values for who I am. 

So my essay has been turned in and I will simply wait to hear from the admissions board regarding my acceptance.  The next stanza of my life is to soon unfold.  I have not procrastinated.  I have simply allowed things take shape as the should.  Life is about change.  Be open to it or it will be the death of you!

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