Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inside a cup of coffee...(This post was conceived while listening to Dr. Dog)

I'm like a coke feign trying to get a fix when it comes to coffee!  As a kid, I never liked coffee.  I couldn't understand what my parents enjoyed about that morning cup of joe.  My dad would be the first to wake up and would run into the kitchen to get the coffee brewing while he took his shower.  At that moment was when the aroma would fill the house and I would be awake.  It was always multiple cups of coffee that got my parents going.

Now I find myself waking up with a hankering for that morning cup of coffee!  Where did it start?  I don't even remember when I first started drinking coffee.  Did I have to acquire a taste for the java?  I honestly don't remember.  All I know now is that it tastes so good!

I like it black!  No sugar, no cream, no flavorings, no ice, no mocha mamasita loco latte frappacappuccino!  Make it black!  I know that drinking coffee doesn't make you a man, but something about additives seem to hurt the masculinity of the beverage.

I also have found myself enjoying the vibe of a local cafe.  Cafe's are kind of like a pub but without all the drunks.  There is always a diverse crowd at your local cafe's.  You've got the hipster with their Macbooks out surfing the web for the newest neon fashion, the business man with his Blackberry permanently attached to his ear, the soccer mom stopping in to get her ice mocha latte with four kids clinging onto her hip and of course there is me.  I just like to sit in the most comfortable seat in the cafe and listen to my music while sipping on my BLACK coffee.

As Bob Dylan said on the album, Desire, "One more cup of coffee before I go."

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