Friday, February 18, 2011

A Week In Review...

This past week has been amazing!  The weather has definitely contributed to that.  Just one week ago today, the temperatures were in the single digits.  Last Friday, I started my morning bike commute as the thermometer dipped to 5 degrees.  Today, the outside temperature is 59 degrees!  Such an improvement in such a short time.  All week I've enjoyed temperatures in mid to upper 60's.

Needless, to say, I have been riding the bike a lot.  I got my fixed gear frame back from the powdercoater on Saturday night.  By Monday, I had the bike built back up.  All this week, I've been logging my miles on the fixie.  Each morning, I've been taking the long route to class by practically zigzagging through various neighborhoods and looking for any way I can to log that extra minute on the bike.  Another awesome part of my week has been hanging out with my bike friends.  From road rides to urban rides in town, it's been great!  So far this week, I've logged 170 miles on my fixed gear.  I'm hoping all this riding will build some muscle memory for my next upcoming race, Southern Cross.  Southern Cross is looming just over a week away.  From the looks of the race roster, it appears that a lot of fast chums are going to be there.  I doubt this will be a podium finish for me but I'm gonna fight like hell to do my best!

Here are a few pictures of my week.  If you're anything like me, you probably didn't even read my text but instead browse the pictures and move on.  Enjoy your weekend!

Building up the fixie

New Fixie Build

Sunset Commute


Sunrise from the greenway

Happy Me

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