Monday, February 21, 2011

New Rig...

This weekend I have added a new rig to the bike collection.  I aquired a 1990 Proflex Offroad.  This bike was the first mass produced full suspension mountain bike.  The frame was built by Ben Serotta.  Originally, the fork was rigid with a Girvin Flexstem but I am a bit more excited to have a full Girvin fork.  I know that suspension technology has come a long way since this bike but I just wanted it due to it's old skool appeal.  The bike definitely needs a lot of work as there are a few rust spots.  I also need to track down some elastomers for the front and rear suspension.  I spent all day yesterday online looking for these parts or alternative ideas and have found a few.  I plan on doing a little work here and there over the next few months and maybe have it all together by the end of Summer.  I'm pretty stoked to add this rig to the collection and can't wait to see it finished!

Another bit of awesome news to report is that I hit the 1,000 mile mark for 2011 yesterday.  Last week, I rode my ass off trying to get some fixie miles in before this next weekend's Southern Cross.  I'm about 75% sure I'm going to do the race using my fixed gear wheel on my CX bike.  I think I'm going to be in for one hell of a punishment.  I'm pretty sure I can't get on the podium regardless of what I ride so I figured I would do something as a personal accomplishment for me.  This decision will probably be made at the last minute on Saturday morning at the start line.  Anyhow, this week will be spent studying for mid-terms and getting in some base miles whenever possible.  I doubt I'll have much time to post anything else but I'll try.  Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. I'll be there for the short race but I think Im gonna need a few more gears.I cant wait and my wife is pretty excited about staying in town and doing a little shopping on friday night.Maybe I'll see you there.G.Bellar

  2. Right on! I'll be sporting the Ride For Reading cycling kit on Saturday. If you see me, come say hi!