Saturday, January 15, 2011

When you motor away on the icey streets...

The blog posts have been not much more than a trickle lately.  It seems as though many of the blogs that I read are in the same shape.  My excuse, however, is that I am back in school.  Thursday, I attended my first class in nearly 7 years!  Things are going well so far.  I'm enjoying the class schedule that I have and think it's going to be a great transition.
Bundled up for my commute to school.
Being back in school doesn't mean I'm going to ride less.  In fact, I think I will be riding much more.  This week, I had to actually set my alarm clock.  I've been getting up around 5:45am, showering, drinking some coffee and on the road by 7:00am.  The temperatures have been pretty frigid around here for being in Tennessee.  Each morning during my commute, the temperature never got about 20 degrees.  I've adapted pretty well and it doesn't really both me too bad.  By the time I get out of class, the temps have been getting into the low 30's for a nice balmy ride home.  The commute to school is about 5 miles each way if I take the main highway into town or about 9 miles if I take the scenic route along the greenway.  Hopefully this next week will be a little warmer and melt some of the ice that is covering the greenway.  Until then, I'll have to stick to the main highway into town (which is pretty scary to say the least).

Our snow covered campus
As for my weekend, I'll be relaxing today and tomorrow up on Monteagle Mountain at a cabin with my wife and some friends.  I'm going to take a few days off from the bike and just enjoy things a little bit.  Word has it that Monteagle still has about 3 inches of snow covering the ground.  That should make for a beautiful setting to enjoy the weekend.  As for Monday, school is out but I plan on swinging by the bookstore to waste a few more hundred dollars on unneeded reading material for class and will probably go for a nice bike ride around the Boro.   

I've been really stuck on listening to some GBV lately.  They played a show in Nashville last night but unfortunately I missed it.  So, here's a little something for me to leave you with for the weekend!

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