Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Eventfully Uneventful Things...

Where I work
Had a pretty awesome day yesterday!  I went to work to what initially appeared to be a dead day at the bike shop.  And I don't mean we were playing the Grateful Dead.  I really can't stand it when things are dead at work because it leaves you searching for random things to do.  Anyhow, I decided to build up some bikes to restock for the floor inventory.  While I was sitting there working on some bikes, I realized what I was doing.  I'm working in a freakin' bike shop!  For some odd reason, that thought really boosted my morale for the rest of the day.  I realized that I had a hand at making someone smile by making their bike experience better.  When I was working in insurance claims a year ago, my life was surrounded around telling people bad news.  Having a job that I get to have positive interaction with the public is really awesome.  Yeah, the pay may not be much but I can adjust my standard of living to make that work.  Life is too short to be stuck doing jobs that suck!

After work, I met up with my buddy for a quick rendezvous to the bar.  The trip was short and mostly was to just catch up on some scores on Sports Center as well as the local gossip.  I'm trying to taper down the booze intake now.  Starting today is a new focus on my cycling.  I figured that I'm in a new position where I have to figure out what inspires me in life and what I want to set goals for.  I've always considered cycling to be that experience.  Therefore, I'm going to put a new found focus on dropping some weight, getting healthier and mashing those cranks pretty hard.  I realize that I'll never be a pro cyclist.  In fact, I don't even think I would want to.  However, I do have a competitive nature and I want to make the best of what I can in the amateur bike racing world.  We'll see what happens.

Life is truly what you make of it.  Lately, I've been abusing my life.  I haven't had any expectations or ambitions.  This isn't going to change immediately overnight but I do feel a change coming on.  I've got some great friends who have helped give me a little push and yank me up by my sandal straps.  A little outside motivation goes a long way.  So that's about it for now regarding the uneventful life of Jimmy Deane.

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