Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bike Training...

I've taken enough time off the bike lately.  Probably a lot more time than I should have.  Now it's time to get focused a bit and set my sights on cyclocross season coming up this fall.  Starting tomorrow, I will begin a training plan of on bike and off bike workouts.  This year, I'm going to throw in more variety in my riding by doing a little more mountain biking with the mix of road riding.  Hopefully, the mix of mountain biking will sharpen up my technical skills a little more.  

As for races, I'm not sure what my race calendar is going to look like.  That will be something to figure out at a later date.  I do know I'm planning on doing the 3 Peaks race in North Carolina as well as Southern Cross.  There will be plenty of other events thrown in between as well.  I've also got my eyes set on going to Kentucky for the USGP race.  If everything plays out this year and I can get my upgrade to a Cat 2, I'll definitely go up to Wisconsin for Nationals and race in the Single Speed class (with no chance in hell of winning).  I gotta set me sights high but it should be a fun season regardless!  I really can't wait for all the mud, crashes, snow, more mud and even a little bit of mud mixed in!!

All this stress has really taken a toll on my riding.  I've gained some unnecessary weight and just don't feel great.  I wish I would have used my riding as a way to handle everything but it just didn't happen that way.  There have been a lot of realizations over the past couple of days that have given me a little bit of focus on reality.  That's why I'm getting back on the bike.  The one true love that I have left in life is cycling.  It would be pretty hard to take that away from me.

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