Monday, April 11, 2011

Tons of Fun...

WOW!  What an eventful weekend!  I'm probably going to have to change the blog name now.  From the moment I woke up on Saturday morning till I went to bed Sunday night, I was on the run.  The weekend was filled with politics, bikes, beer, more bikes, more politics, coffee, more beer and then more politics. 
The leaders of the Rutherford Democrats.  That's me on the front left.

As soon as I woke Saturday, I hit the ground running.  I suited up nicely and joined my wife in attendance of the Rutherford County Democratic Party Convention.  At the convention, we had a large group in attendance!  It was quite inspiring for our party.  The convention lasted several hours and we elected our Executive Committee and our Officers.  I was elected as 1st Vice Chair of the County Party!  I'm pretty excited to be able to serve my community and to help spread the idea of Democratic values!
Taking care of business
Immediately after the Convention was over, I rushed back to the house, changed clothes, got the bike and headed back into town for Tour de Fun.  My original intent for the afternoon was to go to Nashville for the East Nashville Beer Festival but I considering how late I got out of the Convention, there was not enough time to make it up that way.  Tour de Fun ended up being an awesome alternative.  When I arrived, there were nearly 400 people on bikes!  It was a site beyond my comprehension in Murfreesboro!  I don't know how the organizers of this grassroots event were able to get that many people to show up.  The whole idea of Tour de Fun is to ride your bike from house to house and enjoy lots of different bands at each house.  The beer, of course, ran a plenty as well!  It was an amazing experience to meet so many new people as well as kick it with old friends.  The party lasted from 2pm till 2am.  After all was said and done, everything happened without any problems.  If you want to join in on such a huge party, prepare to attend Tour de Fun next year!  You don't want to miss it!

Sunday was still pretty busy, none the less.  As soon as I woke up, I realized my duties that are involved in being an officer for a political party.  Checked my emails and returned as many as I could.  What I like is how organized our local officers are and how enthusiastic we all are to be involved.  Between all the emails and phone calls, I was able to get a little quality time in with my wife.  We made a trip up to Nice Mill Dam for a little while to hang out by the river.  The water was cold but that definitely didn't stop anyone from getting into the water and doing a little swimming.  There is a nice set of rapids that a lot of folks were body surfing along.  My wife called it "Hillbilly Surfing". 

All in all, it was an awesome weekend.  Now it's time to get back to concentrating on school.  I hope to do quite a bit of biking this week as well.  I was planning on doing the Aaron Shafer road race this weekend but instead, I'm going to join my wife for a trip to Chattanooga to see our family.  So it looks like I'm not going to be doing anymore racing till May.  Over the next few days, I'll keep posting more Tour de Fun pictures.  Unfortunately, pictures don't do the event full justice. 

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