Friday, April 8, 2011

Life and Bike Polo...

Photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal
I'm quite aware that there was no blog post yesterday.  I figured that my life had been so uneventful on Wednesday, that I wasn't going to bore anyone with a bunch of nonsense.  As for yesterday, my life got a little more exciting.  Last night, I made my way back to campus to hit up the weekly Murfreesboro Bike Nite.  Bike Nite is a weekly urban ride around the Boro that is mostly about just kicking it with friends.  The pace is extremely chill and lots of people turn out for the ride.  Before Bike Nite, we got a bike polo match going on the quad.  I haven't played any bike polo since leaving Georgia.  We had a 4 on 4 match going.  I had forgot how intense a bike polo match can get.  You are constantly in motion, sprinting for the ball while making sure you have your bike under control.  Our crew in Murfreesboro has built up a pretty active group.  Apparently, Nashville has a really good group as well and the Boro folks have gone up that way to play a few matches.  I'm definitely looking forward to getting in on future matches!
Local graffiti along my commute
Along my commute on the greenway
Also to note, the weather has been awesome for most of this week!  My commutes have had perfect temperatures and the greenway is finally cleaned off from the earlier rain during the week.  I couldn't get much happier than I am right now with life!  School is almost over for the semester.  I've also realized this week that I have so many great friends and an awesome wife who supports everything I do in life!  I'll keep rolling on this "High on Life" attitude for as long as I can!  Some pretty cool things are going down this weekend.  With as busy as I will be, I doubt I'll have any weekend posts.  However, tune back in on Monday for a weekend recap. 

But if you do want in on the fun, scan this for a treasure map!

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